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Jordan Lyle : Redesign

I've finally taken it up on myself to update my online portfolio presence. Even though it's not an outlet that I obsess over to keep well oiled and immaculate for the purposes of booking jobs - it is a reflection of my growing and evolving career as a designer, art director and artist. It should represent accordingly (starting with a new web layout, updated design and art direction work, and better curation of personal work.)

With this new year, I have created and set new expectations and standards for myself and I am eagerly working towards fulfilling them.

Be on the lookout for thought-provoking, industry-challenging, design-centric writing and articles, personal work in print and physical media, AWARDS & RECOGNITION (hopefully lol) and an altogether unified and revamped approach to my professional artistic career.  

Initiate self-actualization beast mode.


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