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2015 Bu(fu)cket List

Here are some things I'm just going to put out into the universe as either things I want to happen or want to achieve. Who knows what 2015 holds for me, but I'm at least going to say what I want and make a concerted effort to not suck at making them happen for me.

• Win a design award or make it on some industry list  \ • Make a public speaking appearance \   • Own work from Gemma O'Brien , Tyrsamiru, or C J Hendry \ • Write, produce and direct a short animation \   • Design for a title sequence (film or television) \ • Grow a beard  \ • Purchase a suit \ • Learn NUKE, FLAME, MODO \ • Make an edition of prints to sell \ • Design for web \ • Go to Brazil \ • Design or for a print publication \ • Get a tattoo or two.

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