Approached by Motionpoems to create a piece for their annual motion + poetry festival, we chose 'Working Order' by Dora Malech. From the beginning we were inspired by the raw narrative and grit of the poem to give it a painterly quality throughout. I worked to R&D a painting technique that would allow us to achieve a unique hand-painted effect with the flexibility and efficiency of a digital production. Several hundred frames and layers of frame-by-frame painting later, 'Working Order' was birthed. This piece is a result of an impassioned playtime with other artists and collaborative creative direction with the homie JP Rooney. 

Role: Design, Look Dev R&D, Art Direction, Cel Animation

Press & Awards

• Motionographer | May 2014 
• Stash Media
• Iowa Review, Vol. 44, Issue 2 | Fall 2014
• The New York Egotist
• Animation World Network

• Vimeo Staff Pick

• Art Director Club 94th Annual Awards - Bronze Cube, Animation