Motionpoems : Working Order

Art Direction, Design, Illustration

Developing the painting technique was probably one of the more satisfying portions of this film for me. It's very important to play as an artist, and this allowed me to do just that. I played until I was happy. I played until it worked. This piece I think is a result of an impassioned playtime with other artists. At the end of the day we weren't sure what people would absorb - but little gems and breakthroughs in the process were equally as worthwhile and meaningful as the final reception of the piece. 

Role: Design, Look Dev R&D, Art Direction, Cel Animation

Motionographer | May 2014 
Stash Media
Iowa Review, Vol. 44, Issue 2 | Fall 2014
• Vimeo Staff Pick
• The New York Egotist
Animation World Network