San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

When was the last time you’ve experienced a casino commercial quite like this? We jumped head first into a visceral journey capturing the thrill of gambling filtered through a contemporary Native American lens. It is often in that split second decision before you go all in or pull that lever that puts you on a roller coaster ride of emotion and anticipation. We had the honor of taking striking Native American cues and fusing them with our wild and crazy scripts.

This family of spots, crams the rush and excitement of the game into that morsel of time - bursting at the seams with adrenaline pumped storytelling, fantastical landscapes and whimsical visual effects.


Role: Art Director, Designer, Look Dev, 2D Particle fx

Role: Design, Art Direction, 2D Animation


This spot wrestles with that inner anxiety and overwhelming emotion of the thrill of victory. Our mix of design driven live-action, FX heavy environments, and surreal transitions and characters brings life to an already intriguing notion of what really goes on inside the mind when we get lost in the moment before you go all in. Bears made of cards, giant bingo balls and daubers (technical term), splashing faces? I mean come on.


As it affectionately got dubbed 'The Pursuit of the King' within the studio, Blackjack guides you through a landscape of raw opulence in search of the illusive King card, smashing faces along the way. 


All inside a white world of moving marble structures and whirring slot machine elements, we captured the exhilaration of the hunt for the final cherry and success in an ever-changing, slippery landscape of odds and pitfalls. We pulled out all the stops to create a world that while beautiful, still possesses a sense of danger and mystery.


There were several custom assets designed and created for the spots. Here are some of the more developed sketches that informed the final production.

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Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Line Producer: Rich Kaylor
DP: Craig Kief
Production Designer: Carl Swanberg

Post Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Art Director: Jordan Lyle
CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
2D Lead: Tommy Wooh
Producer: Nate Occhipinti
Flame Artist: Paul Heagney, Federico Saccone, Renee Tymn
Additional Flame Artist: Todd Mesher
Editor: Erik Barnes

Title: ‘Anthem’
Designer: Paul Kim
Matte Painting: James Levy
CG Generalist: Ryan Kaplan, Johnny Lum
FX Artist: Kunle Jegede, Yates Holley
3D Animation: James Lane
Modeling & Texture : Andy Kim, Kevin Manning, Robert Kim
Lighting: Erick Schiele
Compositor: JP Rooney, Raul Moreno, Kevin Kim, Michael Tavarez
Storyboard: Bryan Deloach

Title: ‘Slots’
Designer: Sarah Beth Hulver, Paul Kim, James Levy
CG Generalist: Ben Grangereau, Robert Kim, Johnny Lum
FX Artist: Matt Johnson
3D Animation: James Lane, Sarah Wolfe
Lighting: Rafael Protti, Danny Jenson, Chris Barischoff
Compositor: Will Voss Johnson
Storyboard: Eric Yamamoto, Brad Arnold

Title: ‘Blackjack’
Designer: James Levy, Janice Ahn, Daniel Uribe
CG Generalist: Ben Grangereau, Robert Kim
FX Artist: Yates Holley, Matt Johnson
3D Animation: James Lane, Sarah Wolfe
Modeling & Texture: Chris Barischoff, Andy Kim, Robert Kim, Kevin Manning
Lighting: Chris Barischoff
Compositor: Travis Button
Storyboard: Eric Yamamoto, Bryan Deloach, Frank Dellafemina